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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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    8.8 (29)

The TinyPic app makes it possible to send image files that are very large to other recipients by shrinking them. It's a very frustrating thing for smartphone users to have a great picture to send but not be able to send it because the file size is too large. The TinyPic app helps with this issue.

This app is able to quickly shrink down image files so that they are only 1/20 of the size that they were originally. When images have been shrunk down this small, it's fairly to send as many as 150 of them in a single email.

Another thing to realize is that it's incredibly simple to use this app. You can learn how it works in only a few minutes, and then you'll never have to fuss about image file sizes again.

When the app is used to shrink down a photo file, the new file is automatically saved separately. There are numerous options for how you can go about saving the original large files. You can put them in a particular folder or have a subfolder created for them. In any case, you don't have to worry about losing the original file if you want to save the larger file.

TinyPic specifically devised the app to make the resulting files ideal in size for sending via email. The app is programmed so that an ideal size will be found that still offers enough image quality but makes it so that the image won't overload the email service's file size capabilities. Users of this app are often surprised that the image really doesn't lose much in terms of quality even though it has been shrunken down so significantly.


  • Using this app is very straightforward. No technical knowledge is required and it's easy to figure out the app in only minutes.
  • Things are automated so that most of the tasks are accomplished at the click of a button without the user having to do much at all.
  • Files come out perfect for mailing while the original is also saved.


  • It's not possible to edit the photos in any other way except for shrinking file size.
  • There is no support available for this app so users must figure things out on their own.

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